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Jack Karedada belonged to the Wunumbal-speaking peoples, whose country is in the  Kimberley between the Prince Regent River and the King Edward River. He was a traditional painter of Wandjina and leader of a family of Wandjina painters.  He was married to Rosie Karedada, his brother Louis was married to Lily Karedada. The aim of this article is to assist readers in identifying if their aboriginal bark painting is by Jack Karedada by comparing examples of his work.

If you have a Jack Karedada bark painting to sell please contact me.  If you just want to know what your Jack Karedada painting is worth to me please feel free to send me a Jpeg.  I would love to see it.

Jack Karedada paintings of Wanjinas can be distinguished from those of other artists by several features.  The eyes of Jacks Wandjina are small and join each other. They are separated only by a a single short brush stroke to represent the nose. His Wandjina are from waist up and do not normally have legs. The eyes of his Wandjina tend to be far smaller than those of Alec Mingelmanganu.

The majority of his Wandjina paintings are on an arc-shaped piece of bark framed across the top and down both sides by bentwood attached to the bark. Jacks Wandjina are very similar to another of his brothers Kutwit Manila.  With Jacks work the halo above the head is enclosed by a brush stroke and not free ended as seen with Kutwit’s Wanjina.

The Karedada family are the most consistent and longest practicing family of artists from Kalumburu in the  Kimberley. Jacks works though are some of the most sort after.  There are far fewer examples of his work compared to those of his other family members. They are also more valuable.  As an initiated elder who started as a cave painter his works are of a  high quality and have a raw supernatural presence. Jack was also an extremely proficient traditional artist in other areas. These arts include the manufacture of fantastic napped spear tips and shields.

Jack was a pioneer Wandjina painter, along with Charlie Numbelmoore Wattie Karruwara and Mickey Bungkuna.

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Jack Karedada Bark Paintings Images

The following bark painting are not a complete list of works but give a good feel for the variety and style of this artist.

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