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Aboriginal Artifacts Value

Artifact value can be very challenging to determine. because it is a specialist field. Most auctioneers do not have the same in-depth knowledge of aboriginal artifacts. Artifacts range in value from a few dollars to tens of thousands. Getting the value right is important. Collectible aboriginal artifacts include bags, baskets, wooden dishes, adornments quite and sacred items.
Send me some images of your Aboriginal artifact from the front and the back.  I can probably help. There is no charge for helping determine values.
I have a database of hundreds of sold Aboriginal artifacts. It is quite easy to compare your artifact with those sold and determine a value.
Aboriginal artifacts that I buy go through the same process. I pay between twenty to fifty percent less than I know I can sell it for. On artifact that have a low value or be hard to sell, I need a larger profit margin. A great artifact, with high value I can sell easily so I can deal with a smaller profit. With the rare pieces I want for my personal collection, I am happy to pay the market price.

Other things that affect Aboriginal Artifact value

First of all how old an Aboriginal artifact is effects its value. The older the better. Artifacts that show signs of wear and use are almost always better. Secondly how rare the artifact is, changes its value. Some aboriginal artifacts (even old ones) are quite common and therefore less valuable. Condition is important as is the aesthetic appeal of a piece. Finally where and how you sell and the artifact will affect value. In general aboriginal artifacts sold in Australia are worth more than those sold in America and the United Kingdom. The reason is that often would-be buyers do not see these artifacts. Many collectors are time poor and do not want to organize third party shipping agencies and fumigation
Artifacts are only occasionally sold at auction in Australia. Anything that is potentially sacred or totemic is often avoided.
For an official artifact valuation for insurance, you need to pay for a certified valuation. Contact me I can help.
I am always happy to see old artifacts. Every piece is unique. I can give you a value on what your piece is worth.