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Bark Painting Value

Finding an Aboriginal Bark Painting value can be very difficult. It is a specialized field. Very few auctioneers in-depth knowledge of this art form. A Bark Painting value ranges from around fifty dollars to fifty thousand dollars. Getting it right is important. The vast majority of bark paintings are not very valuable. This is because there isn’t a very big market for them. People who collect bark paintings are often after a particular artist and after a bark in good condition.
If you send me some images of your bark painting and details I can help. Please include labels on the back, numbers and collection history. I don’t charge for helping determine values but I do ask to be able to add the artists works to my articles.
I have a database of works by Aboriginal Bark Painting Artists who have sold for over a thousand dollars. After determining the artist, I can compare your bark painting to pieces sold. Then keeping in mind the current trends of the market I can give you a good estimate of what you bark is worth.
When buying a bark painting I go through the same process. I pay between twenty to fifty percent less than I can sell it for. On a low value bark painting that is going to be hard to sell I need a larger profit margin to make it worth while. A great piece, with high value, I can deal with a small profit margin. With the rare pieces I want for my personal collection I am happy to pay the market price.


Other things that affect Bark painting value

Where and how you sell an Aboriginal bark paintings affects its value. In general bark paintings sold in America and the United Kingdom sell for less than those in Australia. The reason is that these Barks are often not seen by the would be buyer. Many buyers are also time poor and do not want to organise third party shipping agencies and customs.
Bark paintings sold at the right auction in Australia either sell well or fail to meet reserve. Barks that failed to meet reserve are often perceived as undesirable by collectors. Failed sale leads to reduced value.
If you need an official written bark painting valuation for insurance, then you need to pay for a certified valuation. Contact me I can help.
I am always happy to see new bark paintings. Every piece is unique. I can definately give you a value on what your piece is worth.

I am also happy to give advice on aboriginal weapons value and Aboriginal sculpture values