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Aboriginal Weapons Value

Finding an aboriginal weapons value can be very difficult. It is a specialised field. Very few auctioneers have in depth knowledge of these types of weapons. An Aboriginal Weapon ranges from around twenty dollars to sixty thousand dollars. Getting the value right is important. The vast majority of Aboriginal Weapons are not very valuable. Many of the weapons on the market are later made for sale pieces of low value. In the 1960’s Missionaries encouraged Aboriginals to make weapons, to sell, as tourist pieces . There are a lot of these on the market and as a consequence they are not very valuable.
If you send me some images of your Aboriginal Weapon from the front and the back a, I can help. There is no charge for helping determine values. I have a database of hundreds of Aboriginal weapons that have sold in the past. It is easy to compare your weapon with those sold and come up with a value.
When buying a Aboriginal Weapon, I go through the same process but pay between twenty to fifty percent less than I can sell it for. On a low value weapon that is going to be hard to sell I need a larger profit margin to make it worth while. A great piece, with high value, I can deal with a small profit margin. With the rare pieces I want for my personal collection I am happy to pay the market price.


Other things that affect an Aboriginal weapons values

First of all how old an Aboriginal weapon is will affect its value and how much use it has had. Weapons that are old and indigenously used are more valuable. Second, how rare the weapon is will affect its value the value. Some aboriginal weapons (even old ones) are quite common. A Weapons condition is important but not as much as it’s the aesthetic appeal.
Finally where you sell a weapon will influence its value. Aboriginal weapons sold in America and the United Kingdom, in general, are not worth as much as those sold in Australia. These weapons are often not seen by the would-be buyers. Many buyers are time poor and do not want to the hassle of organising third party shipping agencies and customs.
Weapons sold at the right auction in Australia either sell for a reasonable price or fail to meet the reserve. Weapons that fail to meet reserve are often perceived as undesirable by collectors. If you need an official written weapon valuation, for insurance reasons, then you need to pay for a certified valuation.
Contact me I can help. I am always happy to see old weapons. Every piece is unique. I can certainly give you a value on what your piece is worth