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Mimih | Mimi | Mimih spirits

Mimih | Mimi | Mimih spirits

Mimih | Mimi | Mimi Spirits   Mimih are often depicted on aboriginal bark paintings. Most Mimi are on paintings from Oenpelli in Western Arnhem Land and Crocker Island. The belief in Mimih is thousands of years old. Mimi are on Cave walls and in rock shelters as well...

Aboriginal Coolamon

Aboriginal Coolamon

Aboriginal Coolamon An Aboriginal coolamon is a aboriginal dish or container. There are several different distinctive styles of aboriginal coolamon from different aboriginal tribes. In general the value of a coolamon will depend on its rarity age and the beauty of the...

Aboriginal Statue

Aboriginal Statue

Aboriginal Statue   Aboriginal Statue carving  originated in Yirrkala and the Tiwi Islands. Some early Aboriginal statues can be collectable.   The aim of this article is to assist readers in identifying if their aboriginal statue is an early example. It shows...

Aboriginal Pearl Shell

Aboriginal Pearl Shell

Aboriginal Pearl Shell This article examines Aboriginal pearl Shell adornments both as a fascinating aboriginal Artifact and as a collectable aboriginal art form. Aboriginal pearl shells suspended on a human hair belts acted as pubic covers. They are not secret or...

Aboriginal Spear thrower

Aboriginal Spear thrower

Aboriginal Spear thrower An Aboriginal spear thrower is also commonly known as Woomera or Miru. It is a weapon that uses leverage to achieve greater velocity and distance in spear throwing. The aim of this article is to look at the variety of Aboriginal Spear...

Aboriginal Clubs

Aboriginal Clubs

Aboriginal Clubs Aboriginal clubs come in many different forms depending on the region they come from. Different tribes made different styles of club. The aim of this article is to look at the variety of Aboriginal clubs, as a weapon but also as a collectible...

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Aboriginal Bark Paintings guarantees all artworks and artifacts. If a purchase is not as described or not shown accurately in the photos then I am happy to accept returns. Postage will be at the buyers expense.

About Me

My name is Richard Aldridge and I am a keen collector and dealer of both early Aboriginal art and antique tribal art. Some of the Aboriginal bark paintings that I purchase stay in my collection. Other Aboriginal bark paintings I make sure go to people who appreciate them.

It is important that certain significant pieces of Aboriginal Art make their way back to Australia. It is worthwhile getting such pieces into a public institution where they can educate and be enjoyed by all Australians.

I have exhibited in America and New Zealand and contributed to several tribal art publications.

I have been dealing in indigenous art for over 17 years and I still enjoy seeing new pieces and where possible sharing my knowledge.

Aboriginal bark paintings is my passion so feel free to contact me.


Want to sell your aboriginal bark painting?

The process is really easy.

Take a couple of images of the piece you want to sell and send them to me by email, along with the dimensions. Please include photos of any labels or numbers on the back.

The value of your bark painting will depend on the Artist, condition, age, size and of course the image.

I will pay you the best price

When I get your email I will let you know how much I am willing to pay for your artwork

If you are happy with the price I will then send you money by direct bank transfer or paypal.

I have great clients for top quality pieces so I can pay very well for pieces.

I also Buy New Guinea Tribal Art

How much is it worth

If you are interested in knowing what your Aboriginal Bark paintings are worth because you are considering selling it then I am happy to help for free.

If you need an officially written valuation of your Aboriginal bark paintings or Aboriginal artifact for insurance reasons, then you need to pay for a certified valuation. Contact me I can help.

I am always happy to see pieces of aboriginal art and can give you a value as to what your piece is worth to me.

If you are living outside Australia getting good advice as to what your aboriginal bak paintings are worth can be difficult. It is an extremely specialized field and most antique dealers and auction houses do not have a clear idea of values.

If you have a bark or a shield or any artifact from Aboriginal Australia then contact me via email with a couple of clear photos and dimensions.

I only sell Authentic Aboriginal bark paintings and Aboriginal Artifacts.

All purchases may be returned for a full refund of the purchase price if not as described within five days of receipt of the item. Shipping costs are extra.

All items for sale on this web site are on a first come basis. Payment by Direct Deposit or Paypal

Some items if so marked will not be sent out of Australia in accordance with Australian Legislation.

I guarantee that all items are as described and that photos are an accurate representation of the piece on offer.