Teeampi Ripijingimpi Tiwi Art

Teeampi Ripijingimpi was a well known Tiwi artist working in the 1970’s and 80’s. The aim of this article is to assist readers in identifying if a Tiwi sculpture is by Teeampi Ripijingimpi. It compares examples of his work.

If you have a Teeampi Ripijingimpi sculpture to sell please contact me. If you want to know what your Teeampi Ripijingimpi sculpture is worth please feel free to send me a Jpeg. I would love to see it.


Teeampi Ripijingimpi Tiwi sculptures have a chunky and crude blocky appearance. The face has Incised eyes and mouth. His painting of the sculpture is often very fine. The sex on the figures is clearly shown. Teeampi has also done several Pseabirdsukumani posts. His carved and painted seabirds are very distinctive and although crudely carved are amongst the best-painted examples.

Teeampi has done at least three carvings of the seabird perched on the spirit figures head.

His paintings on bark are designs of traditional body painting that the Tiwi use during the Pukumani ceremony.

Teeampi Ripijingimpi works are of the Tiwi creation story. In the Tiwi version of creation, Bima, the wife of Purukapali, makes love to her brother in law while her son Jinani, is lying under a tree. As the sun moves the baby exposed to the full heat of the sun dies. Purukapali becomes enraged and after his wife transforms into a bird and he begins an elaborate mourning ceremony for his son. This was the first Pukumani (mortuary) ceremony and tells how death first came to the Tiwi Islands.


Teeampi Ripijingimpi , was born around 1935 and died in 1993.He was father to another Tiwi Artist Nancy Henry Ripijingimpi. Unfortunately s not a lot of information available about Paddy Henry Teeampi Ripijingimpi. If anyone knows more information about the biography of Paddy Henry Ripijingimpi, please contact me. I would like to add it to this article.

It is likely that he was a part of the community at Paru and Snake Bay. Here he would have been influenced by pioneer carvers like Cardo Kerinauia and Mani Luki



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The following images are not a complete list of the artist’s works but give some idea of his style and variety.

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