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Bob Balirr Balirr Dirdi

Aboriginal artist Bob Balirr Balirr Dirdi worked in Oenpelli in the 1970s. He painted in an Oenpelli style most often on a red ochre background.

He is best known for his series of barks depicting ceremonies.

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There is very little information I can find about this artist’s life or artistic career.

Art style and information on Bob Balirr Balirr Dirdi

Balirr Balirr tends to infill his figures with Rarrk style cross hatching. The eyes on his human and spirit figures are often poorly defined.

Balirr Balirr Dirdi was born around 1905 and died in 1977. Like Curly Bardkadubba and Lofty Nadjamerrek spoke Kuninjku Language. He belonged to the Barrbini Clan.

The earliest recorded bark paintings by Balirr balirr was 1940’s. Collected by Ronald and Catherine Berndt it was part of The Art of Arnhem Land exhibition. This exhibition was the first to identify Aboriginal artists by name and clan.

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Bob Balirr balirr Dirdi artwork Images

The following images of the Artworks of Balirr balirr Dirdi are not a complete list of his works. They do however give a good idea of the style and variety of this Aboriginal Artist.

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