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Aboriginal Art Videos

Zorba the Greek Yolngu style

Mimih style of Dancing done to Zorba the Greek.  On of the best videos of Aboriginal culture and dance ever

Old Masters : Australias greatest Aboriginal bark painters

6-minute video introducing the exhibition called old masters and discussing the works of Yirawala Mawalan Marika and David Malangi

Western Arnhem Land 1950’s Aboriginal lifestyle

An old almost colonial look at Aboriginal lifestyle in the 1950’s in Western Arnhem Land.

Aboriginal Rock Art

Aboriginal Bark paintings from Oenpelli have their origins in Rock art. Several major Oenpelli Artists were also Rock shelter painters

Freddie Timms Black Soil

Australian Aboriginal use of spinifex resin technology

Spinifex resin is often found on the handles of Aboriginal Weapons like Woomeras

Yirrkala Aborigines of the sea coast

An old documentary of the lifestyle of the Aboriginals of Yirrkala in the 1950’s.

Sand painting of the Western desert

Two Papunya Artists show the traditional way of making sand paintings. These sand painting designs are the origins of many traditional designs seen on early paintings from the western desert

What do circle represent in Aboriginal art

Short video explaining why circles are so popular in central Australian Aboriginal art

Bark Painters : Aboriginals of the Northern Territory

The story of the bark Painter David Malangi Whose design was used on the Australian Dollar Note

Mowanjum People – Spirit of the wandjina

Look at the history and contemporary beliefs that surround Wandjina as an art form and as a belief

Who paintin dis Wandjina

Perth street artist explains why he uses Aboriginal iconography and why traditional Aboriginals are upset 

Albert Namatjira 

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