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Southwest Queensland Boomerang

Superb Southwest Queensland Boomerang Boulia region for sale

Object type: Boomerang

Locality: Boulia region Southwest Queensland Australia

Artist: Unknown

Circa: 1900

Length: Tip to tip 62 cm


Western Queensland Aboriginals created delicately engraved boomerangs adorned with geometric designs. this boomerang is probably from the Boulia region. The undulating motifs infilled with fine diagonal lines, according to one nineteenth-century account, among the Pitta-Pitta people  are said to resemble the fine surface ripples on a body of water striking the bank and are called nar-pi ming-ka-ra, “riverbank marks.”

The narrow lozenge-shaped motifs that comprise the central lines are known as ma-li ming-ka-ra, “fishnet marks,” and reportedly evoke the form of large fishnets folded up for travel. 

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