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Dick Murra Murra Kangaroo painting

Dick Murra Murra Ngueli Ngueli Kangaroo bark painting for sale

Object type: Bark Painting of Kangaroo

Locality: Oenpelli Bark Painting

Artist: Dick Murra Murra Ngueli Ngueili

Circa: 1972

Dimensions: 51cm X 41cm


This iconic bark painting by Dick Nguleingulei Murramurra depicts a Kangaroo, There is some minor pigment loss and a small natural hole in the bark but it is very flat and in good overall condition. I like it because as with depictions of kangaroos on cave walls, it is predominantly white with just some areas of parallel Rarrk.

Dick Nguelinguueli Murra Murra is considered by the National Museum of Australia to be one of the Old Masters. Two of his kangaroos were in the Old Masters Exhibition and Catalog

Price: SOLD

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