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David Milaybuma Rainbow Serpent

Aboriginal bark painting David Milaybuma Rainbow Serpent for sale.


Object type: Bark Painting Ngalyod the rainbow serpent

Locality: Oenpelli Arnhem Land

Artist: David Milaybuma

Circa: 1972

Dimensions: 148 cm X 38 cm


This large dynamic painting by David Milaybuma and depicts the rainbow serpent, It has some minor cracks but is near flat and pigments are in great condition.

Milaybuma shows the figure as a complex transformational image combining elements from crocodile, snake, and fish. This reflects the transformational properties of Ngalyod

The subject of the Rainbow Serpent is associated with Milaybuma’s clan lands in the headwaters of the Liverpool River. This vital Creator Spirit brings the rains of the wet season and revives the landscape annually.

Milaybuma has Two paintings of Ngalyod in Major Collections including

National Gallery of Victoria Accession number 2004.101

National Gallery of Victoria Accession number O.161-1989


This example is not only considerably larger it is also in my opinion considerably better



Price: SOLD

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