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Bobby Ngainjmirra Bark Painting

Bobby Ngainjmirra Bark Painting for sale


Object type: Bark painting

Locality: Oenpell Gimadeer River Northern Territory Australia

Artist: Bobby Ngainjmirra AKA Bobby Bardjaray

Circa: 1960’s

Dimension: 63cm  X 34cm

Description: This is an early example of Bardjaray’s work and clearly shows the genitalia.  In a way, it probably depicts the oldest story in the world. Guy goes hunting to find his loved one with another man so he kills him.

Bobby Nganjmirra is considered to be one of the old masters by the National Museum of Australia


Condition: Great condition, Nice and flat but the stick top and bottom are missing

Price: SOLD

Information about Bobby Nganjmirra

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